Tynker Jr coding course: Mini Inspire 


We are very excited to announce our partnership with Tynker to provide a free coding course (Mini Inspire) for children age 4-6 during COVID-19 closures. Research has shown that early engagement in STEM activities helps kids develop positive attitudes towards science, build up their STEM vocabularies, and problem-solve more effectively. 

The course we’ve picked for our students uses picture-based block coding designed specifically for our little pre-readings who are still learning how to read and comprehend. Offer ends June.30, 2020 (EXTENDED).


Instructions to access Mini Inspire



Step 1: Go to www.tynker.com and sign up for a Student account. You will be asked to approve your child’s account in an email.

Step 2: Click on your child’s avatar on the upper left corner. Once you are on your child’s profile page, click “join a class” on the upper right corner. Enter class code: 8328922

Step 3: Download the Tynker Jr app on iPad or iPhone (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tynker-junior/id1393933000)

Step 4: Log in to your student Tynker account on the app. You should see all 10 levels with more than 200 coding challenges unlocked.


It’s more than just a coding game – it’s STEM

Our Mini Inspire coding course is designed specifically for young children age 4-6 who have limited motor skills and are still developing hand-eye coordination. As they go through the fun-filled course, they will learn to code using big blocks, pictures, voiceovers and tap-tap-tap interactions, without words or drag-and-drop or any other actions they may find too tedious or overwhelming.

With more than 200 coding challenges, children will learn about sequencing, parameters, events, loops, conditional logic, and nested loops that help to establish foundational coding skills. They can then apply their coding skills in free-form coding studios where they build their own projects with art, music and animation!

Here’s an overview of the 10 levels:

1. Ocean Odyssey
4 lessons, 41 activities
This fun underwater adventure introduces learn sequencing and coding concepts with as students help Gillie the goldfish collect coins!
Topics Covered:Cause and effect, Sequencing, Scene creation, Path finding


2. Robots
4 lessons, 40 activities
As they bring wacky robots to life and fix the programming in a robot factory, students learn about events and parameters.
Topics Covered:Parameter usage, Flexible sequencing, Tilt and tap events, Build a simple game


3. Wild Rumble
4 lessons, 40 activities
While helping eight endangered animals traverse a jungle path with dangers, students learn counting loops, delays, and parameters.
Topics Covered:Pattern recognition, Wait commands, Number parameters, Numerical loops


4. Puffball Panic
4 lessons, 39 activities
Guiding adorable dust bunnies, students learn to use conditional loops to navigate a dynamic environment while hunting for socks!
Topics Covered:Conditional loops, Loop nesting, Pattern recognition, Explore a physics sandbox, Debugging


5. Super Squad
4 lessons, 45 activities
Partnering with the Super Squad, students retrieve stolen museum treasure from super villains using conditional logic to handle changing situations.
Topics Covered:Conditional statements, Conditional loops, Coding multiple actors, Advanced sequencing, Debugging


6. Art Studio
4 lessons, 4 activities
A collection of free-form sandbox coding environments where students write code to generate math-inspired art.
Activities:Wild Tracks, Seabed Scribbler, Starfish Spirals, Puff Paint


7. Music Studio
4 lessons, 4 activities
A collection of free-form sandbox coding environments where students write code to compose music.
Activities:Octodrum, Pocket Band, Jelly Bash, Barbershop Bayou


8. Animation Studio
4 lessons, 4 activities
A collection of free-form sandbox coding environments where students make interactive animations and tell stories using code.
Activities: Day in the Park, Squad Pose, RoboDance, Emoji Chat


9. Greeting Studio
3 lessons, 3 activities
A collection of free-form sandbox coding environments where students design interactive greeting cards with code.
Activities:Birthday Card, Valentine’s Day Card, Mother’s Day Card


10. Game Studio
3 lessons, 3 activities
A collection of free-form sandbox environments where students design and hack minigames with code.
Activities: Deep Sea Salvage, Whack ‘Em, Training Mode



Take care and think positive!

Parenting full time while being stuck at home can be stressful for many families. We at Inspire Montessori School (Markham) wish you good health (both physically and mentally)! Let’s have some coding fun while we are all stuck at home!


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