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After School Programs:


IMS offers a wide range of popular and innovative extra-curricular after school programs for our students to compliment our regular curriculum. All our programs are designed for young children and incorporate Montessori practices and principles.

Montessori Chinese Program

IMS is the only school in the GTA that offers a Montessori Chinese Program. Students enrolled in the Montessori Chinese program will learn Chinese with hands-on and purposeful Montessori materials including sandpaper character boards, 3-part cards, picture to character puzzles, sensory bins, sand/rice writing, etc. Rather than having a standardized lesson plan, each student will have an individualized learning plan and will progress according to his/her interest and developmental needs. The Montessori method is proven to increase students’ interest in learning a new language and makes Chinese learning fun and engaging. The Montessori Chinese Program is available in both Cantonese and Mandarin, and students will have exposure to both the traditional form of Chinese characters as well as the simplified form which is widely used in China.

Montessori Piano Program

Piano lessons can be more than just piano books and endless practicing. IMS Montessori inspired curriculum will inspire your child’s love for music with beautifully designed, engaging, and visual developmental activities. With this program, you can start your child on piano and music at 3 years old! Through our program, children learn how to read music, understand music theory, and play the piano in a small group setting. Graduates of our Montessori Piano Program will develop a strong foundation to progress onto private piano lessons.



Gifted Brain Training

The “absorbent mind” refers to the mind’s capacity to take in information and sensations from the world that surrounds it. Young children are a testament to the mind’s awesome ability to absorb. IMS Gifted Brain Training program is specially designed to train a child’s brain to think in a “gifted” way, including the ability to comprehend abstract ideas, problem-solve, recognize patterns, apply logic, improve memory and processing speed, etc. By enorlling your child into our Gifted Brain Training program, you are not only increasing your child’s IQ score, but also preparing them for prestigious education opportunities down the road, including Ontario’s Gifted Education program, International Baccalaureate (IB), TOPS Program, Advanced Placement (AP), and many more.

Little Picasso

IMS’ Little Picasso program is a beginner Art for students age 4 – 6. This is a class designed to teach different drawing and painting techniques, good craftsmanship, and creative problem solving. Students will explore a variety of wet and dry mediums, both 2D and 3D art, as well as lettering, creative storytelling, and design. Graduates of our Little Picasso program will develop a solid art foundation and appreciation for visual art, and are well primed for future creative studies.


Martial Arts

IMS’ Martial Arts program is designed with the developmental needs of young children in mind. It teaches students the fundamentals of movement, strength, flexibility and martial arts. Strong emphasis is put into balance, attention and coordination, ensuring every child is prepared for life challenges. 

Weekend Programs

Saturday AM – Montessori Chinese Program

Montessori Chinese Program (Age 4 - 7)

Our Saturday morning Montessori Chinese program is designed for young children between ages 4 and 7. Our program is the only program in Markham that teaches Chinese in a Montessori way – meaning minimal worksheets, flashcards, and memorization. Instead, children learn via sensory memory, games, and small group interactions. Both traditional form of characters and simplified form are taught in our program. And we offer programs in both Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Like any Montessori classroom, children will be placed in a mixed age classroom ranging from age 4 to 7. Younger students are introduced to sensory activities, songs, stories, and games.  The work for this level focuses on verbal communications and simple characters recognition. Montessori tools such as sandpaper boards and 3 part cards are introduced to prepare for Chinese reading and writing. Older students will work on strengthening their Chinese foundation using a variety of Montessori tools and reading material. Stroke orders and radicals are emphasized in this level. Casa students are taught to converse in Chinese using proper grammar and sentence structures, be familiar with the 52 common radicals, their respective side radicals, understand simple idioms, and be able to read short stories. 

This is an external program that is only offered to external students who are not currently enrolled in IMS’ regular daycare program and is not a licensed childcare program covered under CCEYA. 


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