In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Ontario government has declared state of emergency. To help make this “extended” March break more meaningful, we are offering free Montessori Chinese Material (3-Part Cards) for parents who would like teach their child some Chinese while schools are closed for 3 weeks.

What is Montessori 3-Part cards?

In Montessori, 3-part cards are used to teach children age 2.5-6 the names of things found in our world. The purpose of our Chinese 3-part cards is to enrich and enlarge a child’s vocabulary in Chinese, to recognize the corresponding Chinese characters, and to aid them in the classification of the environment.

What’s included in our free package?

As part of our regular Montessori Chinese program, we have more than 30 sets of the Montessori 3-Part cards that cover various categories for children to choose from.

In this free package, you will get:

  • gender cards (2)
  • family cards (6)
  • farm animals cards (6)
  • pets cards (6)
  • zoo animals cards (6)
  • fruits cards (6)
  • vegetables cards (6)

How to use Montessori 3-Part cards?

3-part cards consist of a picture, a label (the name of the picture), and a control card with the picture and the label together. To use the cards, the child will need a large surface like a work rug on the floor, or a large table.

For beginners, the child could place the control cards across the top of the rug or table. They should then match the picture to the control cards. And lastly match the labels to the pictures. During each step of the process, parents can recite the corresponding vocabulary of each card and ask the child to repeat.

As the child become more familiar with the vocabularies and the corresponding Chinese characters, the child should put the picture cards across the top of the rug or table first. Then they should match the labels to the picture. And lastly, they should use the control card to check each picture/label. This self-checking process enables the child to self-correct without constantly being told by a teacher that he/she is wrong.

About Us

For those interested, Inspire Montessori School offers the one and only Montessori Chinese Program for Mandarin and Cantonese in York Region. Our program is designed specifically for young children age 2.5-6 years and runs everyday from 4-5pm for our in-house students, and every Saturday for external students.

Students enrolled in our Montessori Chinese program will learn Cantonese and/or Mandarin with hands-on and purposeful Montessori materials such as sandpaper character boards, 3-part cards, picture to character puzzles, sensory bins, sand/rice writing, etc. Rather than having a standardized lesson plan for the entire class, each student will have an individualized learning plan and will progress according to his/her interest and developmental needs. The Montessori method is proven to increase students’ interest in learning a new language and makes Chinese learning fun and engaging.

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Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.

Dr. Maria Montessori


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