Montessori Peace Corner

Many preschools or daycare use the time out chair or some quiet corner to send children to when they are “misbehaving”. But the problem with time out is that it is a punishment. This kind of punishment sends children the message that expressing their feelings strongly is unacceptable; thus they need to be separated from the rest of the class.  

That’s why at Inspire Montessori School, we use a different strategy to help children manage their big feelings (which they go through so often) – The Montessori peace corner. 

What is a Montessori Peace Corner?

At IMS, each classroom is equipped with a Montessori peace corner. It is a child-friendly space in which children are invited (not ordered) to go when to are having rushes of big feelings (sad, tired, upset, angry, etc.) and need a space to calm down and feel better.

A peace corner is a semi-private place that’s equipped with tools and materials that not only provide a comfortable spot for children to play in but it also becomes a great source for redirecting during challenging moments too. The purpose of the “peace corner” is to support peace and encourage positive behaviours, mindfulness and self-reflection.

At IMS, each peace corner is equipped with the following tools: 

  • Pillows & Carpet: This is to make the space comfortable and inviting. Everything is a Montessori classroom is about beauty and order.
  • Small Mirror: This is a great way to for children to observing their facial expressions and gain self-awareness.
  • Images of Emotions: This is to help children distinguish what words to use when expressing their feelings.
  • Peaceful and Happy Images: Pictures help communicate what peace looks like.
  • Manipulative’s and Sensorial Objects: These objects will not only promote concentration and relaxation but inspire creativity.
  • Books: Books related to the topic of peace will help children calm down and begin to expressive their big feelings.
  • Sand Timer: Sand timer gives children a sense of time and makes a great meditative tool.


IMS – A Markham Montessori School that believes in Peace

Peace is at the heart of Montessori education. Maria Montessori believed that it was vital that humans learn to resolve conflicts without violence. IMS does not believe in punishments; instead, we guide our children to relax, reflect, and resolve conflicts independently. 

About Inspire Montessori School

Looking for the best Montessori daycare in Markham? IMS is a licensed Markham daycare that offers an authentic Montessori program that nourishes each child’s innate desire to learn and discover, and to reach their own highest potential. Programs we offer include: Pre-Casa, Casa, Before/After School Care, Camps, Montessori Chinese Program, etc. 

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