Montessori Time In

Many preschools or daycare use the time out chair or some quiet corner to send children to when they are “misbehaving”. But the problem with time out is that it is a punishment. This kind of punishment sends children the message that expressing their feelings strongly is unacceptable; thus they need to be separated from the rest of the class.  

Last time, we talked about the use of Montessori peace corner to help young children manage their big feelings.

Today, we are going to talk about Montessori Time In and why we use it here at Inspire Montessori School.

What is a Time In?

To put it in simple terms, time-in removes a child from a situation or behaviour just like a time-out. The difference is that you stay with your child, rather than sending them away.

For example, if a child is being rude and disruptive in the classroom and ignoring classroom rules; instead of putting them in a time-out, you might invite the child to sit with you until they are ready to work or play. 


Why Time In?

At Inspire Montessori, we acknowledged that even our youngest children have big feelings. Time-in is a way for our teachers to actively be involved with the child while they work through their hardest feelings. Time In also gives a chance to both our teachers and our students to take a deep breath and reflect on what what happened and what to do next. Contrary to the commonly practiced time out method, time in is about being present and being there for the child whether they are happy, sad, worry, or angry.

Time-in encourages the teacher and the child to reconnect before they talk about what had happened and what needs to happen going forward. When children feels calmed and connected, they are much more likely to listen, than if they feel ashamed or like they’re being punished.


IMS – A Markham Montessori School that believes in Peace

Active connection is at the heart of Montessori education. IMS does not believe in punishments; instead, we guide our children to relax, reflect, and resolve conflicts independently.

About Inspire Montessori School

Looking for the best Montessori daycare in Markham? IMS is a licensed Markham daycare that offers an authentic Montessori program that nourishes each child’s innate desire to learn and discover, and to reach their own highest potential. Programs we offer include: Pre-Casa, Casa, Before/After School Care, Camps, Montessori Chinese Program, etc. 

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